31 Days: What is the Still Point?

It’s the second day of my 31 day blogging commitment and I’m already behind! But since, as T. S. Eliot says, “What might have been and what has been/Point to one end, which is always present,” I will move on from what I didn’t do yesterday and write in the present moment.

For really, isn’t that what the still point at the center of the turning world is? Me. Now. I am the still point of my life. You are the still point of yours. The great and complex world spins around us, and though we may feel caught up in its chaos, we are only ever in the present moment, doing the work that is in front of us to do.

I want to open my hands – to let yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s worries clatter to the ground. Right now I am here, in the quiet dark of the early morning, the stillness like the intake of breath before the exhale. Soon my family will be awake. Soon breakfast will be made and lunches packed and husbands and children sent out the door. And there is a centering point also, in the work of our hands, work well done, tasks completed.

Today, I hope to be where I am, and only there. There is peace in that.


One thought on “31 Days: What is the Still Point?

  1. Excellent Melissa. If I could only train myself to live this way. I guess it’s a matter of asking Jesus for the grace to do this.

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