On discipline, order and balance. (Sounds thrilling, no?)

After about four weeks of consistent writing, I didn’t blog at all last week. Please forgive me, all of you who read this. I have good excuses – my husband was home sick and I’ve been trying to impose a new housework system on myself, with varying success. Anyway, what with all the chores and caring for the sick (not to mention the children) blogging was the thing that had to go, temporarily. But I’m not happy about it.

I’ve never, ever been a naturally organized or ordered person. Sure, I enjoy being in a clean house more than a cluttered one as much as the next person, but in my single days, that desire didn’t usually translate into actual work. At least not on a regular basis. Since getting married and having kids, a desperate desire for order has gradually grown in me. Part of that is due to having a number of people rely on me, part of it is due to the fact that if I’m not at least somewhat organized, nothing will get done, including the things I actually want to do. Part of it is due to just growing up and realizing that if I don’t do it, neither will anyone else.

So, last week I wrote out a schedule of daily and weekly chores and committed to sticking to it, at least for the week. The result was that the house was cleaner than it’s ever been, but a lot of the things that give me life – down time, reading, and especially writing – were sacrificed.

What I realized, I suppose, is that if I don’t bring order to all the areas of my life important things will go missing. Writing, I realize, is just as crucial as swiffering the kitchen floor every week, and I’ve got to schedule blogging just like I’ve got to schedule laundry.

I’ve also got to take it easy on myself. I was so committed last week to my daily duties that the thought of not completing them made me feel like a complete failure. That kind of conscientiousness is just as unhealthy as laziness. So I may not finish every chore on every day of my schedule. And I may miss a blog entry here and there. I’m sure living with discipline is something I’ll struggle with and (hopefully) get better at for the rest of my life. But if I put at least some sort of framework up, I know I’ll get far more done (chores and pleasures) than if I just wing it.


One thought on “On discipline, order and balance. (Sounds thrilling, no?)

  1. Hey Melissa! Have you ever heard of the FlyLady?? Check out her website at Flylady.net. She has some great tips for making a cleaning/housekeeping schedule and actually sticking to it!! I just bought her book and I’m lovin’ in!! Good luck!!

    Kait Neel

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